For customers wanting to interview candidates who are non-English speaking, or to provide accommodations for candidates who cannot provide written interview responses, you can now use Video Interview on its own, without needing to be preceded by a Chat Interview.

There are two ways to provide a standalone Video Interview to candidates.

Directing candidates straight to the Video Interview step in a standard Chat Interview/Video Interview workflow

This can be achieved by accessing a generic invite link to Video Interview from the ‘generic link’ section of the Video Interview tab in Edge.

  1. Open a vacancy that uses a 2-step workflow

  2. Click on the 'Video Interview' tab (it may be named something else, e.g. Vi or Second Interview)

  3. Copy the 'generic link' & send it to the candidate/s that require access.

This will enable candidates to complete the Video Interview step without needing to complete a Chat Interview first.

Creating a standalone Video Interview workflow

Now when creating a new workflow, you can select Video Interview as the only assessment step.

  1. Go to Workflows > Create New

  2. Enter the Workflow Name, and if you like, a Custom stage name

  3. Under Assessment Type, select 'Video Interview'

  4. Select the Assessment Package you want to use

  5. Hit 'Save'

Then when creating vacancies where you want Video Interview to be the only assessment stage, select your new Workflow.

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